Currectrons are the electronic currency that makes up the economy of the System. The name is a portmanteau of "Currency" and "Electrons".


The Value of Currectrons differs from the currency of our world:

10 Currectrons = 1 penny

100 Currectrons = $1

1,000 Currectrons = $10

1 Million Currectrons = $100

1 Billion Currectrons = $1,000

1 Trillion Currectrons = $1 Million

1 Quadrillion Currectrons = $1 Billion

1 Quintillion Currectrons = $1 Trillion

1 Septillion Currectrons = $1 Quadrillian (Maximum)

Currectrons (Ex. Terran) have less value on other planets in the System:

3 Septillion Terran Currectrons = 1 Billion Murcuryan Currectrons.

10 Quadrillion Terran Currectrons = 5,000 Venusite Currectrons.

2 Billion Terran Currectrons = 4 Million Martian Currectrons.

30 Terran Currectrons = 10 Jupiterian Currectrons.

3 Quintillion Terran Currectrons = 2 Trillion Saturnite Currectrons.

2 million Terran Currectrons = 1,000 Uranian Currectrons or 7,000 Neptunite Currectrons.


Currectron containers


Being an electronic currency, Currectrons must be contained in special, unbreakable containers (See image). Depending on the color, Currectron containors can hold up to massive amounts of Currectrons. Certain shapes determine their use.


Blue - Holdes up to the maximum in Millions.

Red - Holds up to the maximum in Billions.

Yellow - Holds up to the maximum in Trillions (Not shown).

Orange - Holds up to the maximum in Quadrillions.

Purple - Holds up to the maximum in Quintillions.

Green - Holds up to the maximum in Septillions.

White - Holds up to the maximum in Zillions (Rare).


Sphere - Carried around by the comon folk.

Cube - Safes.

Triangle - The equivalent of bank bags.

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