Claudia Miyadro

Claudia falls under this category.

Claudia "The Wild Cat" Miyadro




Meta-Sapien (LUPTN-X/Project Wild Cat)




Feline (Cat, Half American Lion on father's side)


Latin-American (Spanish)


Angora Miyadro (Mother)

Akiko Yorakasha (Godmother)

Abigail Hoppington (Adoptive sister)

Courtney T'Kayo (Adoptive sister)

Planet of origin:


Home Planet


Mental State:

Mixture of primitive and Sapient, child-like innocence.


Team Wild Cat (Namesake)

Meta-Sapien Info






Project Wild Cat

Powers and abilities:

Superhuman Speed, Strength, intelligence, Invulnerability,Immunity, Flexibility, sense of smell, gymnastics and Agility.

Tele/Sonokinesis, Hypnosis and ESP.

Claws, High/long/Wall Jump, Tail Swing, can understand several languages but can't speak them (Although, she can speak Spanish fluently), Night Vision, Supersonic Hearing and burrowing.

Power of the Wild Cat


Sensitivity to pain, her curious nature and her sensitive nose (To a degree).


Pink fur, blue hair, spring-green eyes, Melphorium-laced skeletal strucutre, Raiganium-laced teeth, inability to wear/lack of need for footwear.


Feral State

Claudia "The Wild Cat" Miyadro is the main Protagonist of the Project Wild Cat series. She is the current Wild Cat. (More to come)


Claudia has soft, pink fur, blue hair and spring green eyes. She's barefoot and wears a bright-red cotton shirt and a pair of darker red silk pants. Her birth mark is located on her lower back.




Appearences in other mediaEdit

Path To GloryEdit

Claudia makes a short cameo in a one-shot comic called Path To Glory where she served as Court's cornergirl and commented on how extreme Court's trainer was for amaturely televising a sparring match between her and her opponent in a rental stadium.


  • Claudia was originally meant to be a Megaman: Star Force fan character.
  • Claudia is based off of the titular character of the 1984 Anime movie, Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature. This is evidenced by her powers, half her species and nationality.
  • Claudia's origin mirrors that of Yakumo Tatsuro's from Mushrambo.
    • Both were put into hypersleep for a set period of time until they were 17 for a specific reason: Yakumo was 4 when she was placed into hypersleep for 3 and/or 5 decades (Depending on the version of the series) and woke up at 17 3 and/or 5 centuries later as the last hope for humanity, while Claudia was 7 and placed in hypersleep for 1 decade to gain stability from Formula X.
    • Both were given superpowers prior to the former: Yakumo had her's bestowed upon her by the Guardians, while Claudia was born with the Power of the Wild Cat and the ability to understand every language she hears and interprate what someone is saying (Dispite not speaking it herself) and was given additional powers from the Formula X.
    • Both have maintained their childhood personalities: While Ykumo is a little more mature, being put into hypersleep at the time of her race's extinction in the first timeline, Claudia was a little more child-like, having the former happen to her in peace times of HER race.
    • Both befriended someone of a specific race: Yakumo became friends with Mushra, Sago and Kutal when she first came out of hypersleep when Earth became Enterra, whereas Claudia found Chuck when he was frozen prior to The Great Happenening.